perform nauli yoga ta mahi yoga


Many of you will not be known to this word ‘nauli’ so let me define it to you. Nauli is one of the processes in shatkarmas (six processes) of hatha yoga which focus on cleansing the yoga enthusiasts before letting him/her any knowledge of asana or let him/her do any asana at all, just like cleaning your hands before eating.

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It is very important in hatha yoga and that’s why every yoga teacher training in India instructs hatha yoga students to perform shatkkarmas fully and correctly.

There is order for every process and nauli comes on the number of three to be performed, remember that nauli is very- very difficult and can be mastered only through time and continuous doing you can’t master it in a span of 24 hours or in a week because it take months to master.

There are four steps in nauli and one additional step done at staring which is called udiyana bandha which involves locking the middle muscles of abdomen to get the hang of it, believe me the first step is so hard to execute and other are harder than this one.

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Then you have to do madhyana nauli (central nauli) it involves isolation of contractions of middle muscles and leaving it as there for a small period of time, as I have said before , it is hard and one more warning that the whole process of nauli should be done with expert guidance and supervision and it is compulsory, if you try to do nauli for the first time and without even in the presence of expert then you can hurt your stomach majorly or worse you cann bruise it internally when trying to do it, so remeber it is not a piece of cake.


In this step, vama nauli (left nauli) you have to isolate the left muscles of your abdomen and also isolate their contractions as well, just remember to stay inn this position for a period of time to execute this correctly and to go to next step.

This step, daksina nauli (right side nauli) includes and consists of same thing as done in previous two steps but the only difference is of side and it will be of right side in this step. After practicing the first three steps you will feel better and at little bit ease while doing this step, just remember not to overdo yourself because it can be harmful, just draw the line.

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The last step, nauli kriya (working nauli), in this you have to make a movement while combining the previous three steps like- you have to rotate your abdomen muscles from left to center to right or other way around in this step. It can be little bit painful and very hard but if you are still enthusiastic and wanted to execute it then you are more than welcome to do so, just remember all the precautions and you will be fine, I think.


Now after telling you about how to do it? It’s time for why to do it?

Nauli is a great cleansing kriya which clean our digestive system completely, releasing toxins, impurities and harmful waste from our body and not only that it makes our abdomen muscles very strong that even a strong punch will feel like weather if you do this kriya for a long time.

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You can’t find a better way to clean your digestive system anywhere but it demands time and dedication for you to see its full results and because of its hardness many yoga teachers are ignoring this particular kriya which is not good but at our various 200 hour yoga teacher training certification, we make sure to give the full and correct knowledge of yoga to students because we want to serve them and world by our doing and that’s what we aim for. We believe in full knowledge and we are making our belief a truth for this world.

Coming to nauli, you can ditch it or accept (it depends on you) but you should give it a thought because we feel bad we don’t bath for a day but we need our internal bath too and think how stinking it must have become inside because of our wrong eating habits and unbalanced lifestyle. Think about it, it will do you good.