Savasana at Mahi Yoga

How Yoga is the Perfect Remedy for Sleep Deprivation

How Yoga is the Perfect Remedy for Sleep DeprivationAs people get busier, sleep deprivation is a possibility. World Sleep Day statistics found that over 45 % of the world’s population is experiencing sleep deprivation, and their health…
Dealing with insomania problems at mahi yoga

Has Insomnia got the better of you? Here’s how Yoga can help you in getting your beauty sleep.

There’s no denying we all love to sleep and the pleasure of getting a good interrupted sleep is impeccable. However, a good night sleep is a privilege only a few people have! Unfortunately, the fast paced life, hectic lifestyle, target pressure…

Power of Yoga

 Power of Yoga “Yoga"! 5000 years old science of esoteric knowledge and is regarded by the whole world. That science or culture by all Indian gurus. The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali Yoga writing and wrote it as a blessing for us.Yoga has spread…